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Urban Exhibition

Mira Dimitriadis is our Urban Exhibition feature artist for January 2021


Raine Square is proud to showcase the incredible work of local artist, Mira Dimitriadis,  for the Urban Exhibition from January 7 - January 29 2021. 

About The Artist

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Mira Dimitriadis was surrounded by the powerful Byzantine iconography of the Orthodox church from a very early age. Later moving to Greece, under the tutelage of her husband's accomplished Aunt, she studied hagiography - the traditional "writing" of icons which honour the saints.

After several decades of painting, following strict artistic guidelines dictated by centuries of monastic tradition, today Mira re-interprets classic pillars of Byzantine art giving her works a fresh, modern vernacular; elevating them from simple religious artefacts, and transforming them into striking artworks which are relevant to the here and now.

Mira's paintings have been featured on national television in Serbia and Denmark; auctioned for charity; offered for sale in Australia; and featured in select galleries in Scandinavia. They hang in homes from New York to San Francisco, Athens, Copenhagen, Vienna, Hamburg and beyond.

Mira's eye for detail and appreciation for historical convention have culminated in a collection of one-off pieces that are both covetable and in demand.

Contact the artist

Find Mira on Instagram @Vizantika

Visit the Windows of Wentworth on William Street to view her incredible art. 

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